Responsibility and Social Innovation

Consortium RingVoz – TelOnline Special program
Responsibility and Social Innovation

Responsibility and Social Innovation

The global trend and the impact of technology influences the daily lives of people. Different international trends point to the development of social technology applied to processes of cultural or social development.

Our company is closely monitoring the progress of innovation with social responsibility taking into account the principle of sustainability and improving the quality of life in communities around the world. In this vein , we advance in communications technology , increasingly geared to the benefit of families and communities with their countries and hometowns.


We support the advocacy process for sustainability and social innovation , able to respond to market dynamics with creativity, leadership and effective responses to their needs . That is, offering solutions and technology to business and community sectors components.


Our Social Innovation program , Communicating Families, Strengthening Communities , is geared to provide telephone communication alternatives to social and community sectors of Hispanic origin living in the U.S.

We are living in a time of change , a time of social research and innovation and we are exploring the mechanisms and actions for green certification company with responsibility for our Environment and Climate Change.
We promote our electronic communications awareness to minimize paper consumption.


Organizational Development and Corporate Volunteering

Our business consortium RINGVOZ – TELONLINE have within their corporate policies foster human and professional development of their staff through training and promotion of employees to act and serve as volunteers in social and civic causes.

The goals we seek are:

  • Support personal and professional development of our employees.
  • Encourage the spirit of corporate volunteering to contribute to the social development of communities and families , implementing actions and tasks that lead to improved quality of life for people.
  • Continue to provide technical quality and low cost to our clients through solutions and supports advanced technology and telephony.
  • Generate horizontal cooperation relationships with our customers and suppliers in order to contribute to service and help communities and families , social welfare with effective indicators to measure our civic and social task.
desarrollo organizacional

Exercising the Business Volunteer

RINGVOZ helps people in need by supporting disadvantaged families”. 
Myriam Rojas


  • The consortium RINGVOZ – TELONLINE and his team of volunteers, and give markets performed staples to low-income families and toys to children in the celebration of Christmas in the slums of the city of Bucaramanga, Santander Department, Colombia.
  • 125 elderly were helped in holding a special event for The Elder Wellness Center – Bucaramanga.
  • Homestead – South Florida, delivering presents to immigrant children to celebrate Christmas.
  • Support Call Center for New York station RADIO MARIA.
  • Management Consortium volunteers RINGVOZ – TELONLINE, 50 breakfasts to give homeless and people living on the street.

Organizational Environment

Ivan Peñalosa

“We practice what we promote, Simple”. 
Ivan Peñalosa, Director of Operations

Our business practice promotes dialogue and personal development , fostering positive learning circles within the philosophy of learning organizations.

Entrepreneurial learning is given on the principles of communication and human development, to measure the effect of organizational climate , leadership, conflict resolution always with a positive attitude. In RINGVOZ – TelOnline no room for negativity and improvisation , however , work for objectives and concrete results with good attitude towards service and collaboration.

“Having a working system that allows equality through diversity has been our vision from the beginning, and this is one of the pillars that has allowed us to grow and expand”. 
Juan Carlos Castaneda, C.E.O  

The Management team RINGVOZ -TELONLINE maintains a policy of open communication to  INITIATIVES ,  where everyone can suggest and recommend actions on the progress of the institution.

Our organizational structure is built on the sense of responsibility and respect for others, all are free, find the path of their responsibilities and the meaning of their daily tasks.

Juan Carlos Castaneda

Partnerships: A New Strategy for a culture of ethics Business

Partnerships: A New Strategy for a culture of ethics Business

I firmly believe that nobody should be discriminated against because of their gender, age, religion, language, dialect, ethnicity and / or nationality , or even a state of disability.

Therefore the company is committed to conduct our business in the same way, as well as acting with transparency and respect for the laws of the countries in which we participate. This defines us as professionals with a high work ethic and high personal respect.

“Our employees know and accept that to be an indispensable part of our professional family requirement is mutual respect for each other and our customers and business partners”
Carlos Alberto Vélez, Director of Alliances and Commercial Relations.

Partnerships are built on goals and values ​​that are shared. In this vein, it is clear that for RINGVOZ should be understood as a commitment to strengthen trade, economic relations, and corporate to enable the Company to generate added value in areas such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability and development and innovation. among others.

For the development and completion of this task , you must set the following principles on which we work:

Cooperation: Working with these partners will be based on mutual respect, with specific rights and obligations for all parties.

Institutional Learning and Shared Responsibility: It is clear to a business organization learning organizations need to correct their internal courses and make them part of training agreements in different aspects.

Mutual Trust: This principle is recognized on shares of understanding whose main support is the TRUTH.

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